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ThemeMantis Blog Comments Policy

Welcome to the ThemeMantis Blog, thanks for taking the time to tune in.

We are thankful to our readers who keep reading what we do. We really appreciate our reader’s thoughts and feedback.

Our readers comment really help us to build the strategies and implement them successfully for future creativity, design, and innovation.

We could not have done this without it, but we want our readers to follow the ground rules we’ve set for them.

Comments & Constructive Criticism are Welcome

Feedbacks from our readers are warmly welcome. Because…

  1. We get some great ideas on various topics related to design and more.
  2. People share their stories and experiences that our readers had after using our themes or other WordPress services.

Comment Might Not Get Posted

Top reasons for the comment might not get posted if –

  1. The comment is related to a technical query or support query. One can submit them on our Support Page.
  2. The comment is a spam comment or out of the context.
  3. The comment is getting posted anonymously or with a false keyword in the name field, instead of a real name.
  4. The comment is completely promotional.
  5. The comment has false language, racism, defamation.
  6. The comment is violating the copyright or trademark.

As long as the comment is productive, we’ll have no issues in posting it.